Brick Bay 30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary of the establishment of Brick Bay Farm was hosted by owners/patrons Richard and Christine Didsbury. Over 100 invited guests who have contributed to the farms development attended including Noel Lane (architect), Chris Booth (artist) and Warwick Rhodes (roading contractor) amongst others.

Brick Bay has come a long way since it was a series of raw grassed paddocks back in 1994 when Garth first began design work there. This included the re-routing of roads, creation of wetlands, enormous swathes of plantings, many paths and lots of interesting features.

The Didsbury’s patient and considered integration of all elements (landscape, architecture, art, viticulture and food) has extended a great vision over the farm. After all these years of determined perseverance Brick Bay has come together, a true ‘well spring’ of how great life can be and with great surety it will keep growing well into the future.

Brick Bay Farm Park