Harry Turbott book.

Flowing on from completing the book ‘Living in Paradox’, Garth has been working for the past two years on a book dedicated to the pioneering work of Harry Turbott (1930-2016). Harry graduated from University of Auckland’s School of Architecture in 1954 and won a scholarship to Harvard University in the USA where he completed a Masters of Landscape Architecture and worked for 18 months for the iconic landscape architect Dan Kiley before returning to New Zealand in 1960.  Harry worked across the full range of design areas from motorways, parks, housing to national parks, pioneering an informed and responsible approach to environmental design.  Garth has worked with Sara Cox from the School of Architecture library to archive Harrys extensive legacy of over 800 projects. To do justice to Harrys contribution to Landscape Architecture in New Zealand is a formidable task and yet a great learning experience. We are hoping to publish the book in 2019.