Nikao Recreational Centre

Following the successful completion of the Avarua Town Plan, Reset Urban Design, working with Katoa Design and Stantec, were engaged to prepare a concept design for a recreational and social hub of Nikao. This is a strategic project that will integrate the existing sporting and beach facilities into a key recreation destination for not only nearby Avarua but all of Rarotonga.

The Nikao social hub is based on the Government owned beach esplanade area that extends from the end of the International Airport to the landmark Black Rock to the north. In addition to one of the best swimming lagoons the area features on the other side of the road the island’s main sporting facilities of tennis, volleyball and the golf course.

The vision is for this area to be upgraded and integrated to provide more facilities and green space free of vehicles, introducing new shelters and places for gatherings and events. The plans are being developed with the local community and sporting clubs.