Reset Urban Design at 10 Years

Crikey would you believe that it has been a whole ten years since six of us loaded up the Volvo station wagon and headed off away from Isthmus Group, down the road to Princes Wharf to begin life fresh again, as Reset Urban Design – that was in July 2008.

What a ride it has been – along the way we rode the waves of the GFC, the amalgamation of Auckland Council and have had a few team changes, as you do, but the beat certainly goes on. We are blessed with a great number of built projects that have made a difference, a growing wide range of work, taken out a bunch of awards and crazily we even published a historical book on urban design in New Zealand (still a few copies lying around the studio).

Our base is now over the bridge, beachside in Takapuna and also lakeside in Wanaka – we are really working across this great country of ours and even with our colleagues in Southern China.  We have this awesome team and do you know what ?…..we are more motivated now than ever, we still keep learning every day, enjoying our work and gaining greater satisfaction every step of the way.

And folks …. we couldn’t have done any of it without our supporters, friends, our clients and families ….thank you all!

Be well, look after the environment and enjoy these times of ours

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