SkyPath Update

On Friday 3rd July, SkyPath was granted resource consent. The decision was made by independent commissioners after resource consent hearings were held over two weeks in June. The application for resource consent was publicly notified on the 5th December 2014, with a total of 11,586 submissions received – 11,413 in support, 5 neutral and 168 in opposition.

Three appeals have been lodged with the Environment Court in relation to the resource consent application that was granted. The appeals, by the Northcote Residents’ Association, the Northcote Point Heritage Preservation Society and the Herne Bay Residents Association, relate to the entire resource consent application. The SkyPath team is committed to defending the Independent Commissioners’ decision to grant SkyPath’s resource consent and intend to work through the Environment Court process in order to promptly and cost-effectively resolve the appeals.