Study trip to Hobsonville Point.

As a team we are constantly going out to study new projects to discuss current issues and learnings.  Whilst this was not a big travel trip to the upper harbour site of Hobsonville Point, it is the Governments model suburb, and a real live laboratory demonstrating a range of development approaches and in particular medium density housing. We have had some association with the development; Garth was involved with the overall masterplan 10 years ago and Reset designed the Landing area in 2011.  Hobsonville Land Company (HLC) urban designer Hayley Fitchett met our team there recently and showed us around.  It was very good to see that there has been great progress with over one third of the land area completed, including a new primary and secondary school.  We saw a good range of medium density residential housing types and some lessons learnt from their delivery of strong landscape and streetscape environments.