Downtown Public Space Evaluation Study

Commissioned by the Auckland Council Built Environment Unit in June 2014 to research and review the open space provision in central city downtown area, which is undergoing huge redevelopment. Garth was also asked to make specific recommendations on the future of Queen Elizabeth Square when considered as part of the larger civic area at the base of Queen Street.

Background material was developed with the researching of historical urban form, analysis of current environmental social and land use/activity factors together with evaluation criteria related to the Auckland Design Manual. Several best case redevelopment options and a matrix of assessment of potential new open spaces within the immediate vicinity were evaluated. Garth workshopped the review with Councillors and the Mayor several times to gain a clear understanding of concerns and refine the study. The review concluded that the current Queen Elizabeth Square could be combined as part of a new development with the creation of several open space areas adjacent providing both civic and informal waterfront recreation.  Council accepted the recommendations.