Mount Albert Town Centre

Mt Albert is an inner city town centre which will experience significant change over the next 30 years. The Albert-Eden 2011 and 2014 Local Board Plans both identified the renewal of Mt Albert Town Centre as a key project. In its current form Mt Albert is a centre that does not support the everyday needs of its residents, has poor access, connectivity and low quality shop frontages. It is not pedestrian friendly, lacks quality footpaths and adequate pedestrian crossings and is dominated by cars.

A multi disciplinary team led by Reset Urban Design were engaged by Auckland Council over a fourteen month period to provide site analysis, concept and developed design plans. The town centre upgrade aims to create high-quality, attractive and safe streetscapes, which will provide a dedicated cycle lanes, wider footpaths and enhanced pedestrian connections to the recently upgraded train station, via an overbridge, to encourage the use of public transport, a significant increase in pedestrian amenity for the community to enjoy, along with more opportunity for local businesses, including street-based trading.