2015 NZILA Award: Hobson Bay

New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Award – Visionary Landscape: Hobson Bay: Adding Heart to the Bay

Judges citation: ‘Adding Heart to the Bay’ shows a bold desire for betterment of the city and aims to reclaim the landscape that drew our ancestors here. It looks afresh at Hobson Bay with public access at its heart, reinstating a physical relationship with the water that has been degraded for generations. The judges were captivated by questioning nature of this scheme; not merely responding to a brief ‘Adding Heart to the Bay’ illustrates how a simple vision can capture the imagination. It shows us a blend of urban infrastructure with natural processes and the environment that heals past scars and creates a joyful place that we may truly want to spend time in rather than merely pass though. Aspirations of how we would want to live are so often overtaken by the practicalities of life; ‘Adding Heart to the Bay’ has shown us what we’re missing out on.

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