Bellfield Subdivision Stage 2, Papakura


Date: 2017-2020

Phase 2 of the larger 26.9ha Bellfield Road development comprises a residential block and an esplanade along the Slippery Creek catchment area and proposed 41ha park. The overall residential development site lies within an area that was an important traditional food basket for local mana whenua and is part of the larger Mangapikopiko ecosystem. This wetland was an invaluable cultural and practical resource to iwi who used it to collect rongoa and building materials as well as to gather food. The Opaheke (Slippery Creek) watercourse historically provided fishing and kaimoana (seafood) gathering sites and waka landing areas leading out to the wider Pahurehure inlet.

Reset was engaged to provide the landscape and open space concept for the Bellfield Road Greenway, road hierarchy and street tree framework for this stage. Fundamental to the design are the Bellfield Road and Tributary C greenways as they serve to provide necessary stormwater infrastructure elements flowing into the Opaheke/Slippery Creek catchment and key recreational amenities for the new neighbourhood. Bellfield Road serves as the main entrance boulevard, thus giving the first impression to the development as well as providing a clear delineation of where the development ends and park begins.


Streetscape and Open Space Design for Stage 2

Streetscape Planting and Hardscape Plans

Stage 2 Slippery Creek Riparian Edge Planting design

Front Yard Landscape Planting Palette

Stormwater Planting Design for Raingardens and Bellfield Road greenway

Weed /Pest Plant Management Plan

Construction Specifications

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