Market Cove

Residential Development Market Cove is one of Auckland’s most exciting new developments, offering a unique combination of coastal location, modern lifestyle, and connected community. The development will be a leading urban development based on the fundamental principles of community, inclusion and sustainability, and is expected to set a benchmark for higher-intensity residential development in Auckland. For the Market Cove development located in Favona, South Auckland, Reset have been working in close collaboration with a highly experienced team of consultants including ASC Architects, Candor3 Engineers and Tattico planners. The development has a strong focus on community, both in terms of growing the local community but also enhancing it and the way it can improve people’s lives. The guiding design principles are to create dynamic interactions and connections within this community, while ensuring that there is a flexible network of built form that accommodates a varied scale of development, activities, relationships and demographics. The 15 hectare development has been master-planned, with sustainability at its core, combining all the elements of contemporary, low-maintenance living into a modern residential village. The community offers parks, gardens and plenty of green open spaces, as well as improved connections to the water’s edge. Upon completion Market Cove will be home to over 4,000 people. To visit the Market Cove website click here

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