Redoubt Ridge, Auckland


Equinox / DASL


Redoubt Ridge is a distinctive, innovative and comprehensively planned 172-unit residential development site on the north facing flanks below the Redoubt Road ridge, in the southwest corner of Flat Bush, Auckland. Reset, working in close collaboration with Paul Brown & Architects, have been involved in this three staged development project over a number of years. The objective for the development is to provide high quality, environmentally sensitive, and affordable living choices for Aucklanders.

The landscape/urban design approach has been to create an environment that has a high level of amenity, retains existing remnants of predominantly native vegetation, provides accessible and safe public open spaces, promotes social interaction through a variety of spaces, is carefully integrated allowing for future connections, and responds to both the site specific and wider Flat Bush context. Over a five year timeframe Reset worked the project through the planning process to get Resource Consent and have subsequently detailed and supervised the implementation phase for the first stages.

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