Seapath, Auckland


New Zealand Transport Agency 



In late 2012 Reset prepared an uncommissioned proposal for the public redevelopment of Shoal Bay and the cycle/ pedestrian walkway from Takapuna to Northcote Point. Reset proposed that a new four kilometre section of Central City waterfront could be recreated and reconnected, along the western edge of Shoal Bay, right next to the busy northern motorway. It could protect and enhance the ecology of the shoreline and provide a direct connection between the city centre (via SkyPath) and the North Shore for pedestrians and cyclists. 

In 2014 Reset were engaged by NZTA to work with their team on the development and delivery of the SeaPath, pedestrian and cycleway from Auckland Harbour Bridge to Takapuna. This unique project will enable cyclist and pedestrians to traverse the edge of Shoal Bay, connecting the North Shore with the CBD for tourists, commuters and residents alike, helping stitch together this critical link in Auckland's landscape. 

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