Wānaka Lakefront Development – Stg 3

Over the last several months we have been working closely with QLDC and with Aukaha (mana whenua design agency) in progressing the designs for stage three of the Wānaka Lakefront Development Plan (LDP). The design is based on providing continuous pedestrian and cycle access along the lakefront, enhancing the ecology of the lake edge and introducing a range of new facilities for users. The design includes a 2.5m wide shared path which runs adjacent to Lakeside Road directly connecting the town centre to the Marina entrance. Also a new boardwalk, named Te Ara Wānaka, will provide a safe alternative pedestrian only route along the narrow steep section of lake edge with lookouts and seating. Regeneration of native planting, habitats and stormwater quality are key to enhancing the overall environmental quality of the area.

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