Waimanawa, Auckland


Endeans Farm Limited 


2021 - Ongoing 

Reset Urban Design was engaged by Endeans Farm Limited (‘EFL’) to provide a 96ha masterplan for a Private Plan Change for the site known as Waimanawa in Warkworth. The site comprises a number of properties on the southern side of the township of Warkworth. Together with Osbornehay, Maven Associates, Traffic Planning Consultants and other expert consultants, our multi-discipline team has been working collaboratively to develop a comprehensive masterplan that demonstrates the feaisbility of the proposed residential development. 

The Vision - Creating a welcoming residential community with a range of engaging facilities set upon a series of parks along the southern reaches of the Mahurangi River. 

To achieve the overarching vision and the goals, a set of high-level design principles and key design strategies has been developed to provide a meaning guide for the masterplan layout. 

The key principles are set out as follows: 

• Preserve and enhance the existing ecosystem and natural landscape features 

• Create a healthy and sustainable community for people of all ages 

• Promote efficient use of land 

• Create quality and interlinked public realms accessible to all residents 

• Provide for a legible pattern of roads, local streets, lanes and walking and cycling routes 

• Celebrate the unique identity of Warkworth South and create a sense of place 

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