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We offer a broad scope of services within the specialist areas of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. We also actively engage in co design with communities and research including having contributed two published books on the history of design in New Zealand.

Government Agencies, Iwi, Councils & Institutions

Urban design support, analysis and reporting

Spatial plans

City and town centre regeneration plans

Open space and reserves planning and design

Waterfront development; Strategy and design

Streetscape design

Commercial Clients

Site analysis and development plans

Residential subdivision layouts

Urban design reports

Landscape design reports

Landscape visual assessment reports

Design Services : Concept to detail to construction monitoring

Property Owners/Trustees

Preliminary land reviews; site visit, briefing and initial findings report

Development analysis and option reports

Concept designs and detail design

Plans for staged construction

People Tangata

Garth Falconer Reset Urban Design 355x444
Garth Falconer

Garth is one of New Zealand’s foremost designers with over 30 years of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design experience. Former founding Director of the Isthmus Group (est 1988), Garth formed Reset Urban Design in 2008 as a specialist urban design and landscape architecture practise to concentrate on the design and delivery of strategic projects.

Garth is foremost a designer and he leads from the front. Individually he has a great sense of understanding of places and vision of what it could be, combined with an allround ability to initiative conceptual designs, develop and detail designs. For him overseeing the construction of a design into a functioning and uplifting place is one of the most satisfying dimensions to a role which he believes has a critical responsibility in improving the quality and sustainability of life for our people and the wider ecology.

Garth has over 30 years of leading experience in a wide range of design work. He has led multi disciplinary teams that have taken innovative conceptual designs through to successful implementation. These projects range from regional, town and city centre projects, public open space networks through large-scale infrastructure works and commercial developments. Garth’s work combines a strong social and environmental concern with a developed theoretical understanding. A leader of teams he has the ability to motivate and coordinate others with a broad range of understanding and visionary skills.

Garth graduated in Landscape Architecture from Lincoln University, completed a Masters in Urban Design from Oxford Brookes (UK) and is a fellow of the NZILA.
+64 27 4988 699
Linda Joll Reset Urban Design 355x444
Linda Joll

Linda comes from a landscape construction background, a founding partner of Reset Urban Design. She is a leader in her field of plant knowledge, is passionate about arts, landscape, and business.

Linda is based in the Wānaka Studio, thriving in the big landscape of Central Otago. She contributes to community projects through her support of the Karerearea project in Cardrona, Te Kākano nursery development, and the Lakes District Arts Trust as a current trustee.

Being a local Ignite Chamber of Commerce member adds to her diverse range of interests. When not in the studio, Linda can be found being inspired by the wilderness of surrounding mountain ranges and rivers.

Life is a journey not a destination, live it!
‭021 921 665‬
James Paxton Reset Urban Design 355x444
James Paxton

James is a qualified urban designer and NZILA Registered landscape architect with extensive experience working on a range of projects across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. He is a senior leader who is experienced at managing teams, projects and programmes of work from design and project evolution through to completion. He is an excellent communicator who enjoys working with people to gain the best possible outcome and understands the subtleties of team dynamics.

He is an accomplished designer and brings a highly creative and strategic approach to complex projects. His passion for creating healthy, smart, sustainable, and vibrant places underpin his design thinking approach to resolving the complex issues that confront the cities of our future. His commitment to the design of a vibrant and dynamic public realm is informed and inspired by the ecologies of place, people and nature.

James has extensive professional experience across a variety of projects including urban public realm, large scale transportation infrastructure, streetscapes and town centres, medium and high-density residential developments, urban regeneration, master planning and campus development projects.
+64 21 270 3330
Janet Zhang Reset Urban Design 355x444
Janet Zhang
Senior Urban Designer

Janet Zhang is an Urban Designer whose extensive background in urban planning allows her to think strategically and work across a wide range of scales and contexts.

She holds a Master of Urban Design from the University of Auckland, a Master of Urban Planning from South China University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Engineering from South China University of Technology. Janet’s work focuses on providing conceptual ideas, collaborative approach and technical expertise on a variety of projects ranging from large scale master planning, residential and commercial developments, as well as a the finer details of design.

She places particular emphasis on achieving design excellence through employing interdisciplinary perspectives and utilising integrated design tools to ensure creative solutions.
+64 9 489 1681
Sherry Berg Reset Urban Design 355x444
Sherry Berg
Senior Landscape Architect

Sherry is a landscape architect with over 30 years’ professional experience in the private and public sectors designing and delivering a variety of landscape architectural projects in New Zealand, Singapore and Canada.

Her core strengths include project management and working on projects ranging from concept planning through to detailed design and construction documentation and implementation.

She values working within multi-disciplinary teams comprising architects, civil and traffic engineers, and planners.

Sherry’s particular focus lies in the design and delivery of high quality public realm spaces for public enjoyment and for all ages and abilities.

Her experience in working in Singapore, where land is extremely scarce, provided Sherry with a deep respect of the value of land and in designing landscapes in the most efficient way.
+64 9 489 1681
Nick Regal Reset Urban Design 355x444
Nick Regal
Senior Landscape Architect

Nick is a Landscape Architect with considerable experience across an array of projects, such as schools, coastal boardwalks, luxury residential design, medium and high-density residential developments, large scale subdivisions, streetscapes through to major infrastructure and urban realm projects.

Nick has extensive experience in producing concept, developed, and detail design packages for resource consent, building consent and construction. He has successfully produced multiple landscape and visual assessments for resource consent approval. He also has experience working in a multi-disciplinary team within an alliance format, leading the design delivery of public realm and station plaza packages for the City Rail Link (CRL), NZ’s largest ever transport infrastructure project.

He is a highly creative designer who enjoys problem-solving, collaborative design and is passionate about creating lasting environments that improve both ecological and human conditions. He believes as designers we have the unique position of creating, intertwining and presenting collective ideas to resolve issues and produce positive output. We can alter perceptions of place and space. The notion of design, the innovation, the freedom, problem solving, and opportunity to instigate change is why he became a landscape architect.
+64 9 489 1681
Sophie Roberts Reset Urban Design 355x444
Sophie Roberts
Landscape Designer

Sophie is a Landscape Designer with experience working on various projects, such as commercial amenity rooftops, affordable & supportive housing, luxury residential, high-density residential developments, and urban acupuncture planning.

She enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary team and values collaboration to ensure the best project outcome. She has experience taking projects from initial design conception through to construction documentation and construction management.

Sophie is a passionate designer focused on creating equitable public landscapes that foster cultural and social identity through placemaking.

Her interest in landscape architecture sparked when she focused on human and non-human relationships with landscapes in an urban setting. Bringing her background in spatial design, she focuses on how the human body identifies with the built environment—drawing attention to how users move through a space, alongside interactions with materials, surfaces, and site furnishings.
+64 9 489 1681
Joshua Chia Reset Urban Design 355x444
Joshua Chia
Landscape Architect

Enthralled by the idea of utilizing plants as a form of infrastructure, landscape architect Joshua Chia envisions the potential to shape landscape design principles in New Zealand. With a diverse background that spans from the lush gardens of Malaysia and Singapore to the ecological restoration of a 5km stream in Hamilton, Joshua's passion for landscape architecture transcends geographical boundaries and climatic conditions. His proficiency in crafting resilient, sustainable, and ecologically vibrant spaces arises from his relentless pursuit of innovative approaches to harmonize human existence with the natural world.

Recognizing the significance of mental health and mindfulness, Joshua embraces the challenge of conceiving spaces that fosters reconnection with nature, whether they are intimate private courtyards or upscale commercial developments. He provides clients with high-quality landscape and planning designs, complemented by meticulously detailed construction drawings and landscape evidence, allowing them to fully engage with his concepts from the outset. His evolving communication skills have played a pivotal role in nurturing robust team dynamics, rendering him an invaluable asset in any creative and collaborative environment.

Joshua firmly believes that design is a fusion of values and collaboration to craft spaces that yield a positive impact on the communities and ecosystems of Aotearoa.
+64 9 489 1681

Publications Hautaka

Harry Turbott: NZs First Landscape Architect

Falconer, Garth (2020), Blue Acre Press, Oratia Publishing, New Zealand.

Environmental design and landscape architecture are growing fields in New Zealand as people become more aware of the possibilities and benefits of sustainable development.

Harry Turbott (1930- 2016) played a crucial role in introducing these concepts to New Zealand.

His work is celebrated for the first time in Harry Turbott: New Zealand’s First Landscape Architect, which recognises Turbott’s pioneering achievements in a beautifully illustrated book showcasing and immortalising Turbott’s life, works and legacy.

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Living in Paradox - A History of Urban Design

Falconer, Garth (2015). Blue Acres Press, New Zealand.

Living in Paradox explores the dynamic and intriguing story of this young, vigorous and intriguingly complex country. It is an optimistic, far-reaching book which documents the rich history of earlier visions, analyses many of the various trials and pitfalls of the past, and paints an engaging picture of the way things could be in New Zealand’s towns and cities. As New Zealanders’ are a highly urbanised population this book provides a very relevant and much needed discussion.

"Living in Paradox is a brilliant tracing of the complexities of living in paradise on the edge" - Sir Bob Harvey

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Auckland: New City Spaces

Various Contributors. (2013). Balasoglou Books, New Zealand.

This is the first book ever published on new Auckland Urban Spaces; and perhaps the first in New Zealand. It's 96 pages feature descriptions, plans and photographs of 16 major urban spaces in Auckland City - all which have made a positive contribution to the development of a new urban fabric for the City. 

"This is an important book which all those interested in Auckland, urban spaces and urban planning should include in their collection" - Time Out Bookstore

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Chinese Landscape Architecture

Magazine Volume 29 (2013), Landscape Architecture in New Zealand Edition.

Reset Urban Design projects featured: Oceanview Road Pocket Park, Waiuku River Lane, Taurarua Judges Bay, Hamilton CityHeart.

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Street Furniture

Van Uffelen, Chris. (2010). Braun Publishing AG, Switzerland.

Street furniture is the clandestine star of urban spaces. Rarely recognized at first glance, benches and street lights, fountains and bus stops considerably shape the nature of streets, public squares, and entire cities. In addition to the practical aspects of street furniture, high-quality designs have become the recent focus of attention.


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Awards Paraihe

2023 International Federation of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence: Wānaka Lakefront Development

The small township of Wānaka has had a major boost to its globally renowned reputation with its new lakefront development winning an International Federation of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence.

The honour was presented in absentia to the project’s New Zealand-based landscape architects Reset at a Gala Awards Ceremony in Tokyo, Japan late last week. 

Reset was the only New Zealand practice to win an award at the international event that celebrates the best work in the Asia and Pacific region.

The Wānaka Lakefront Development, which was praised by judges for the quality of its design, was commissioned by Queenstown Lakes District Council and created in three stages over an eight-year period.

Reset Director Garth Falconer says sustained engagement and input from the local community was key to the project’s success, along with a resourceful approach to a working with a modest budget.  

“Wānaka’s people and its Council understand the value of their environment. They wanted the lake edge back as a place for people, , including a continuous pedestrian and cycling access along the lakefront and a broad park that offered strong connections with the town centre.

“This prestigious international award celebrates the significance of this design-led re-purposing of the 1.7 km long landscape for the Wānaka community, sensitively engaging with and enhancing the environment whilst creating a restrained yet bold design that resonates with the alpine landscape.”

Mr Falconer says one of the features of the development includes a 200m long boardwalk to protect and celebrate the Pūteketeke Australasian Crested Grebe that nests on the Wānaka lakefront.

“For some years we have worked to support the wonderful local initiative led by Dr John Darby to regenerate the numbers of this precious native bird, which has now been crowned ‘Bird of the Century’.”

The new development means carparks are now set back from the lake edge, enabling the creation of an extensive lawn and a wide shared path sweeps along the bay that provides an elegant promenade for walkers and cyclists. Runoff is filtered before entering the lake, cultural artworks feature along with interpretive signage and indigenous plants stabilise embankments, making a complete design package.

Queenstown Lakes Deputy Mayor and Wanaka-Upper Clutha Ward Councillor Quentin Smith says the Council and the community board are proud of what’s been achieved so far.

“It’s fantastic to see the vision for Wānaka’s foreshore coming to life and people enjoying better access, biodiversity and amenities. In particular, the biodiversity improvements of Stage 3 with native planting and integration with the conservation programme for the pūteketeke Australasian crested grebe, through to people sunning themselves on the great lawn of Stage 2 are evidence of the objectives being achieved.

“It’s great to see everyone involved acknowledged by this award and we look forward to stages 4 and 5 in the future that will complete the project,” says Mr Smith.

Mr Falconer adds the project was the work of a multi-disciplinary team.

“Our thanks to RCP project managers; Rhodes quantity surveyors; BMC and WSP engineering firms; the contractors - TRC, Blakelys and JFC; Council officers; Aukaha mana whenua consultancy; and the local community board for all their support.

“Together, we are honoured to have made progress in realising the community’s vision of restoring and enhancing the unique lakefront of this much-visited destination.”

Plans to further extend the lakefront development are in discussion.

To read the Landscape Architecture NZ article, click here.

To read more about the development, click here.

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2022 International Federation Of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Climate Change Design Award - Avarua Town Plan, Rarotonga

IFLA Climate Change Design Award
Avarua Town Plan, Rarotonga

“Climate Crisis Design” is an international design award organised by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia Pacific region (APR), in collaboration with IFLA Africa and Middle East regions. The award continues to call for climate actions and our response in climate crisis design. This award program directly references to the IFLA Climate Action Commitment, ratified by IFLA APR and many other associations across the regions. The 2022 AAPME Award seeks to showcase works of landscape architects commitment to design sensitively, demonstrate responsible practices and to pursue collective efforts in order to address complex issues and challenges of our world today and tomorrow.

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2022 International Federation Of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Climate Change Design Award - Aitutaki Town Plan, Cook Islands

IFLA Climate Change Design Award
Avarua Town Plan, Rarotonga

“Climate Crisis Design” is an international design award organised by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia Pacific region (APR), in collaboration with IFLA Africa and Middle East regions. The award continues to call for climate actions and our response in climate crisis design. This award program directly references to the IFLA Climate Action Commitment, ratified by IFLA APR and many other associations across the regions. The 2022 AAPME Award seeks to showcase works of landscape architects commitment to design sensitively, demonstrate responsible practices and to pursue collective efforts in order to address complex issues and challenges of our world today and tomorrow.

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2015 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Outstanding Design Award - Devonport Navy Museum Activity Space, Auckland

NZILA Outstanding Design Award
Navy Museum Activity Zone

A playful, functional and dynamic landscape on the edge of the Waitemata Harbour elegantly links the water and the Navy Museum; the site is one of those small jewels that frequent Auckland's landscape sequestered in the lee of North Head.

Reset Urban Design marshalled an array of naval memorabilia and motif that has inspired and defined spaces that are part playground, part courtyard and part pier. These three elements come together as one in a design and play space that has a unique and legible identity has been created against this historical maritime gem.  What was a small, simple space between harbour and 'boat shed' is now a vibrant link between Devonport and its naval history.

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2015 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Visionary Landscape Award - Hobson Bay Visioning, Auckland

NZILA Visionary Landscape Award
Hobson Bay: Adding Heart to the Bay

'Adding Heart to the Bay' shows a bold desire for betterment of the city and aims to reclaim the landscape that drew our ancestors here. It looks afresh at Hobson Bay with public access at its heart, reinstating a physical relationship with the water that has been degraded for generations.

The judges were captivated by questioning nature of this scheme; not merely responding to a brief 'Adding Heart to the Bay' illustrates how a simple vision can capture the imagination. It shows us a blend of urban infrastructure with natural processes and the environment that heals past scars and creates a joyful place that we may truly want to spend time in rather than merely pass though. Aspirations of how we would want to live are so often overtaken by the practicalities of life; 'Adding Heart to the Bay' has shown us what we're missing out on.

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2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Excellence Award - Taurarua Judges Bay, Auckland

NZILA Award of Excellence
Taurarua Judges Bay

A stunning example of coastal restoration that provides for extensive public re-engagement with the water. 

Design detailing throughout is excellent with some highly innovative approaches to level changes and water access creating a cohesive and subtle design response appropriate to the site. 

The extension of the landscape from the shoreline out into the water through a variety of mechanisms is outstanding and has allowed for the entire transformation of a once degraded area.

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2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Distinction Award - Waiuku Town Centre, Waiuku

NZILA Distinction Award
Waiuku River Lane, Waiuku

This project facilitates the potential to activate a space economically with exciting possibilities. 

The transformation of the river to result in an attractive esplanade space has been achieved well and sets a pattern for the remainder of the degraded river. 

Furniture detailing and vertical features provide interest and have a simplicity that allows for easy maintenance in a public space.

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2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Distinction Award - Shoal Bay Waterfront

NZILA Distinction Award
Retrieving Shoal Bay Waterfront

An important exploration of landscape opportunities for coastal restoration. 

This is another project that highlights the contribution practice can make to the profession through exploration and research outside of client-driven projects.

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2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Finalist - Brett Ave Pocket Park

2013 International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia Pacific Merit Award - Taurarua Judges Bay, Auckland

2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Excellence Award: Ocean View Road Pocket Park

NZILA Award of Excellence
Ocean View Road Pocket Park

This project illustrates the power of landscape (whether large or small) and was a judges favourite. 

The simplicity, clarity and exemplary detailing of this small coastal pocket park is outstanding

The resulting space is one that you just don't want to leave.  Links with existing heritage coastal walls and the broader landscape have been seamlessly achieved. 

The use of adjacent residential planting as an integrating component is inspired. 

A range of facilities have been incorporated well within a small area and the restrained choice of materials enhances the overall design.

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2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) - Award of Distinction - Visionary Landscapes - Seapath, Auckland

2012 Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) Arthur Mead Award For Environment and Sustainability - Taurarua Judges Bay, Auckland

2010 Auckland Regional Council and New Zealand Contractors Federation (NZCF) Environmental Award - Waiuku Town Centre, Waiuku

2010 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) - Planning & Communication Gold Award - Westhaven Marina and Harbour Park, Auckland

2010 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Pride of Place Bronze Award - Landscape Planning & Environmental Studies - Westhaven Marina and Harbour Park, Auckland

2008 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) Silver Award: Commercial - Matakana Village, Matakana

NZILA Silver Award
Matakana Village Stage 2

Category 2d Commercial/Industrial/Institutional

Located in a small rural town north of Auckland this project has transformed a former timber yard into a village centre for Matakana.  Excellent master planning has created a high quality village atmosphere.  Architecture and landscape are seamlessly integrated through the clever articulation of space and form.  References to the site’s industrial settlement are many and varied as is the acknowledgment of the river in its natural and historical setting.

Design intention is clear and creative.  Materials are expressed with panache. This project is clearly successful in its transformation from timber yard to a high quality market village environment.

Additional notes for award applicant

High standard of implementation
Good planting design - lovely palette of plants
Many constraints but handled well.

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