Pearl River Design Guidelines


Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI) 



Reset Urban Design were engaged to provide design guidelines for a 100m wide continuous riverfront park along a 20km edge of the Back Channel of the Pearl River. The guidelines set up standards of different elements and features of the riverfront, and provide a series of demonstration projects. 

The Pearl River provides a fundamental landscape setting for Guangzhou. The city was first based around water transport, then due to industrialisation, the river has been disconnected, polluted & neglected. Now large scale residential development is extending across Haizhu Island, creating need for access to public space and facilities along the river. 

The Vision was to create a clear and compelling guideline for the design and coordinated transformation of a wide strip of continuous public trails and parkland, reinforced by a series of nodes: Developed as a key public connection with the Pearl River, and popular destination along the entire southern edge of Haizhu Island. A living showcase of Guangzhou's thriving character & rich history. 

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