The Strand, Takapuna

Crown Group
2014 - 2015
The Strand 5 PORT

Working with Ignite Architects, the installation of a contemporary cafés-restaurant facility and a generously size pedestrian promenade were proposed to activate a little-used rear carpark and backside of a three-level building that overlook Takapuna Beach. The vision of the redesign of the site was to develop activity across the entire site and better connect Takapuna beach into the town centre. The decks of the cafes now provide an active frontage to the new one-storey building and have unobstructed views to the beach. Extending from the cafés/restaurants westwards is a 5m wide pedestrian promenade connecting to a 4.5m wide timber bridge/ramp that connects through an arcade to the town centre. Design work also included carpark layout, fencing and planting.

Services Preliminary Concept and Developed Design, Detailed Design and Contract Documentation, Contract Observation

Team Ignite Architects


The Strand  Ramp Elevation ISSUE
The Strand 5 PORT
The Strand photo 1 scaled
The Strand Concept 1 iS ISSUE
The Strand 4 PORT
The Strand Dining Landscape Concept ISSUE